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Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah (SI)

Welcome to Government College University Lahore, the leading educational institution in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent, where excellence is nurtured, pursued and celebrated since it’s inception in 1864. In its 154th year of existence this institution is cognisant of the national importance of enrolment in higher education while retaining its legacy by being supportive to social, academic and research community. Our university’s values underpin our vision and mission, and are integral to guiding the implementation of our strategy towards teaching, learning and research. GCU pursues its mission with courage, innovation and pluralism.

We are committed to excellence in academics, research and knowledge exchange. The staff members of GCU demonstrate collegiality and teamwork which act as catalyst in student’s lifelong learning.

GCU’s academic and career opportunities are balanced with a campus lifestyle with an outstanding array of sports, cultural and social choices by getting membership of more than 50 societies and clubs. All of these elements i.e. teaching, scholarships, academic support, selection of programmes, co-curricular opportunities make GCU different from other institutions. We endeavour to achieve our goals through our distinctive approach in disseminating knowledge based on curriculum, Inter-disciplinary courses, the student experience, research, linkages with the industry and the community.

Online Admission